We support researchers and innovators in communication and

exploitation activities, enabling outreach to citizens, scientists,

the media, stakeholders, investors, policy makers.


We assess the impacts of communication and exploitation of research through innovative KPIs and indicators defining the measure of success of innovation in engaging citizens, stakeholders and the market.

We have permanent links to more than 300 partner organisations worldwide,

a unique network of excellence in scientific and technological research.


Our founders and managers have participated in more than 50 European projects 

and have supported more than 500 research initiatives over the past 20 years, 

developing a profound knowledge of the outreach needs of European research.

We are the evolution of youris.com (read and watch),  the most acknowledged independent information service supporting the public communication

of European research projects.

We are the founders and the managers of iCons srl, since 1999 advisors 

for market uptake strategies of several European research and innovation projects.

We have been working across a variety of scientific and technological sectors - bioeconomy, smart cities, energy, environment, eco-innovation, health, nanotechnologies, space, manufacturing, media, mobility, future technologies, ICT.

We are the innovative partner for communication and exploitation activities

in H2020 projects.

We are a non-profit initiative supported by the Fondazione iCons and we exclusively operate in the domain of non-profit projects and organisations.

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© 2016-2020 by Fondazione iCons. The iCube Programme is an internal multi-disciplinary initiative created and supported by Fondazione iCons

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