From Millions to Units

Good stories, right audience.

Active communities, active engagement.

Smart ideas, smart take-ups. 


No matter how big or small the target groups of your project are: we help you to engage them with your ideas and to build the reputation of your project in the scientific and business communities, as well as to citizens and the general public.​ We create impacts, depending on your needs.



We created and manage since 2004 the most reputed independent public communication platform for research and innovation in Europe:

Over the past 12 years has have covered more than 500 research stories from a large variety of scientific and technological sectors. The platform is a combination of TV media, the web and the social media, enabling the outreach of more than 150 million people world-wide. is a powerful public awareness raising machine, the best public communication service that your project might have.


We bring people together. We engage communities. We create consensus on innovation.

Generating acceptance of innovation is a complex process involving communication and stakeholder relations. 

Acceptance is the bridge between awareness and uptake. We boost acceptance through the organisation and the management of large conferences, seminars, events, workshops, webinars, meetings. 

That's not all! We have also developed and tested original KPIs - such as the Community Engagement Index (CEI) - to assess on-line acceptance of innovation, opening for leading projects the high road to a successful deployment.


Take a tour through our interactive guide to business planning!
It's one of our most impacting success stories in helping research projects to exploit their unlocked business potential and generating market uptake.


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