The Value of Numbers

Outreach, KPIs, Assessment: the evaluation pillars ​of your project's impacts.

iCube develops and validates innovative outreach measures, quantitative indicators, assessment methodologies. Our job is to provide researchers and innovators with reliable tools to evaluate the effectiveness of their activities, from visual identity to communication, from stakeholder engagement to exploitation.




How far are you going?

Outreach data will tell you.  

We collect big data about 
your project outreach
in the web, the news,
TV and social media. 

We provide you with an exhaustive picture of your
project's ability to
 spread out.

An example? Our Outreach Monitoring Tools (OMTs) collect actual data and reliable audience estimations on the overall outreach of a video clip, a web article, a pageflow or any other editorial product developed for your project.

How good are you making?

Our KPIs will tell you.  

We measure performance, engagement and acceptance of your project's results.​

We provide you with 

powerful instruments you can rely on for the further development of your ideas.

An example? Our Community Engagement Index (CEI) is a powerful normalized indicator that quantifies the engagement on your project activities, taking into account its goals, size, duration and sector. 

How smart are your ideas?

Our assessment will tell you.

We analyse and report the quality and the maturity of your ideas and we assist you in finding out the best ways to exploit them.

We let you see the way forward. An example? Our Market Assessment Clinics (MACs) define the most promising frameworks that your project may approach for a successful  market deployment, considering both global and local market and regulatory constraints.

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