Identity, Communication,

Relations, Exploitation

A complete set of solutions building the bridge between Research and Society.

iCube creates and implements innovative communication and exploitation strategies for a large variety scientific and technological domains.

Identity is what defines your project. As for humans, identity makes up what your project is about and sets it on a trajectory to where it will ultimately go.

We support you in the creation of good identity materials - such as logos, brochures, print-outs, websites, short presentation videos, etc. - and we assist you to identify the better positioning of your project in the broader context.

We develop the public image of your project.


Communication is about reaching out to your stakeholders and the general public. We do this since several years via the platform and we are today among the most reputed research storytellers in Europe. We understand your research, we translate your results into high-quality independent contents accessible to different audiences via articles, interviews, short web videos, social media items, video news releases, we distribute them on the web, social and television media and we monitor their outreach. Like this Euronews video based on our own story.

We reach out to millions.

Relations are necessary to promote your project.

Stakeholders, public authorities, investors and policy makers may be looking for the solutions proposed by your project. We develop dedicated strategies to involve stakeholders beyond your established networks in conferences, seminars, meetings and direct engagement actions for small interest groups and large communities of citizens, we create dedicated information packages, building expectations and enhancing interest on your ideas and actions.

We create interest in your project.



Exploitation is when your project takes off.

We help you getting right to the point, by understanding your end-users and potential customers' needs, assess and improve your TRLs, identifying your exploitable results and analyzing the market, the business models and guiding you in the preparation of your business plans. But we also provide you with highly innovative tools and instruments shaping your business ideas and facilitating access and understanding of your project's potential - such as our business pageflows and digital storytelling tools.

We bring your project to maturity.

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