Meet the minds!

Introducing the people at the core of the iCube Programme.

iCube staff is formed by a team of acknowledged professionals with outstanding skills in communication and exploitation of research results, and a wide range of references in international projects.

Elisabeth Schmid Director

Elisabeth has a four-year B.A. Hons in Linguistic Communication and Multilingual Mediation Sciences with a specialization in Translation. She has more than ten years experience in the development and management of large scale non-profit communication projects and campaigns. She holds specific expertise in Smart Cities, Energy and Bioeconomy. She joined iCube from the very beginning and she is currently responsible for the overall Programme management and development activities. She holds the role of Director of the iCube Programme and co-ordinator of the Smart Cities area.

Elena Gaboardi Executive Director

Elena holds a Degree in Political Sciences at the Università Cattolica in Milan. She has more than twenty-five years experience in knowledge creation and business development in European projects, studies and for private customers. She has expertise in communication, dissemination and exploitation as well as innovation transfer, business analysis, impact analysis, policy evaluation and benchmarking. She is responsible for the implementation of iCube projects and operations.

Mario Martinoli Strategist & Supervisor

Mario holds a Degree in Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications at the University of Genoa. During the early 2000, he was involved in the definition of innovative models and paradigms for the  public communication of research, working in close connection with the European Commission. He established the media communication non-profit agency in 2004 and he is currently responsible of the overall strategic guidance of the iCube Programme.

Raffaella Moreschi Senior Project Manager

Raffaella holds a Degree in Law at the University of Genoa. She has been working for fifteen years as quantitative market researcher for leading agencies in Italy and the UK, managing projects for large international clients, usually involving multi-country fieldwork. She has been working since 2012 on business analysis projects in the area of Renewable Energy, Efficient Buildings and Bioeconomy. She is responsible of the Bioeconomy projects within the iCube Programme.

Marcello Bardellini Project Manager & Developer

Marcello holds a Master Degree in Economics and Political Science at the University of Milan and a Master Diploma in Marketing and Communication Management. He has a professional background in market analysis, more than seven years' experience in European Projects with a focus on e-procurement and mystery shopping on e-government covering different European countries. He is in charge of project management & communication activities of EU-funded projects, stakeholders’ relations management, development of dissemination and communication strategies and measurement of impacts.

Costanza Caffo Project Manager & Developer

Costanza graduated in Cultural Heritage Conservation at the University of Bologna and concluded several learning and training experiences in Valencia, New York, Brussels and Los Angeles. She holds a Master Degree in Cultural Management from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and a Post-Graduate International Master in EU Project Drafting and Management from the Université Catholique de Louvain. She is in charge of H2020 proposal development and project management.

Alice De Ferrari Project Manager & Social Media Coordinator

Alice has a degree in Communication Science at the University of Milan and several years experience in traditional and digital communication agencies, with a strong specialization in Social Media, community management and editorial strategy. She is in charge of project management & communication activities of EU-funded projects and development of dissemination and communication strategies within the iCube Programme.

Giulio Mazzolo Project Manager

Giulio holds a PhD in Physics from the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Hanover. He has been member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and he has been awarded the 2016 Physics Breakthrough Prize. He has worked at the Fermi National Acceleration Laboratory in Batavia (Illinois, USA) and at the National Laboratories of the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics in Legnaro. Since 2016 he has been collaborating with the Mathematics division of the Zanichelli Editorial Group and in 2017 he completed a study programme in Science Journalism and Communication at La Sapienza University in Rome.

Veronica Meneghello Project Manager

Veronica holds a Master of Science in Environmental Economics from University of Turin. Previously she graduated in Translation at the University of Modern Languages in Milan. She has been working in non-profit organisations as project coordinator for national and international projects on environmental, economic and social sustainability and communication since 2013. She has specific expertise in management of natural resources, sustainability, and communication and is currently in charge of project management and communication activities of several EU-funded projects.

Charlotte Michi Project Manager

Charlotte holds a degree in physics and in classical piano. Digital marketing specialist for brands of the classical music world and social media strategist. Over the past three years she has been working as social media and community manager and as social media and communication strategist for a number of EU-funded projects. She has worked several H2020 projects, with particular focus in project management social media strategy and citizen engagement She joined Fondazione iCons from its foundation year (2016).

Silvia Raimondi Project Manager & Media Trainer

Silvia holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication Design, with a thesis in publishing, at the Politecnico di Milano and a Master Diploma in Brand Communication and has a professional background in web design, social media marketing and community management. She is currently working on the development of media training modules, web design  strategies and project management of several H2020 projects within the iCube Programme.

Giuliana Folco Research & Exploitation Manager

Giuliana has a Master Degree in Economics and Social Science at the Bocconi University in Milan. She holds 20 years’ experience in market research and strategic consultancy on technology innovation in European industries and SMEs. She has expertise in the assessment of business requirements and economic trends, analysis of innovation demand and supply, scenarios’ development, end-users’ surveys, data modelling and forecasting. Giuliana is responsible for the exploitation activities of iCube EU-funded projects with special focus on market research, business analysis, development and management of exploitation plans.

Niccolò Bertuzzi Research Analyst

Niccolò holds a PhD in Applied Sociology and Methodology of Social Research at the University Milano Bicocca He has a professional background in sociological research, with several years of experience in the academic and non-profit institutions, working on different topics in the field of political sociology. He has also experiences in the communication field as project manager and copywriter. He is currently leader of the several projects within iCube and he is especially involved in the citizen engagement activities and interaction with local and European correspondents.

Claudia Crippa Research Analyst

Claudia holds a Bachelor degree in Business at Catholic University in Milan and a Master of Science in International Management at University of Trento. During her studies, she had the opportunity to work at her final research thesis in Hamilton, Canada. Over the past 2 years she has been working in business consultancy in Milan with a specific focus on business process re-engineering, business transformation analysis & innovation analysis to support organizations in their digital transformation paths. She joined iCube in 2018 and she is working for EU-funded projects' exploitation activities.

Serena Lischetti Junior Research Analyst

Serena graduated from high school in Business Studies and English, French and Spanish languages. She also studied at Bicocca University in Milan at the faculty of Statistical and Economic Sciences (SSE): in that period she discovered the passion for numbers applied to economic forecasts in addition to having expanded her mathematical and economic knowledges. She joined iCube in 2018 and she is currently working on the enhancement and qualification of iCube’s databases to support the department in project and partnership development.

Barbara Ricco Assistant Research Analyst

Barbara holds has a Diploma of Computer Expert at the ITIS E. Mattei. She has a professional background in Transport and Logistic sector as employee in import and export department.  She joined iCube in 2019 and she is currently in charge of data mining and database construction activities supporting H2020 grant management and market exploitation actions.

Loredana Pianta Editorial Manager

Loredana is the Editorial Manager of She has more than fifteen-years long experience as a TV journalist, reporting stories and live for news. She also freelances as a video journalist for Lyon-based Euronews, for London-based Associated Press Television News, for SNTV-Sports News Television, for La7 and many others.  She also works as a "one-man-band" reporter, producing, shooting and editing her stories. In 2005 she won the Saint Vincent Journalism Award for the best tv news story. She graduated with a first class honors degree in Ancient Letters from the University of Turin in 2005.

Deanna Brasolin Communication Manager

Deanna holds a Degree in Linguistic Mediation Sciences at the University of Turin and a Post-Graduate Master in Tourism Economics and Management at Il Sole 24 Ore Business School. She is an experienced Pr & strategic communications professional with ten years experience in managing and developing communications campaigns for b2b and b2c companies, in particular in the tech and digital field. In her career as a consultant, she also worked for International and Italian PR agencies providing strategic consultancy to multinational corporations. Deanna is responsible for the planning of communication activities.

Angelique Lusuan Content Curator & Social Media

Angelique holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry with a specialization in Material Science at the University of Genoa and holds a multiple Master’s degree in Chemistry and Material Science. In 2016, she transitioned to the world of science communication by working as a part-time managing editor of Elsevier’s Applied Surface Science for two years. She is currently in charge of the content development behind the communication and dissemination materials and public communication activities going on several iCube EU-funded projects.

Mark Thompson Copywriter

Mark accomplished a four-year B.A. Hons degree in Modern Languages and European Studies and today he holds a Master's degree in translation. He has worked for both regional and national authorities in France dealing with various European collaborative programmes such as Interreg, Erasmus Mundus and H2020. For the last seven years, he has specialised in translating and copywriting promotional and scientific material. Mark is involved in communication and dissemination activities including copywriting and adapting content to target audiences.

Giulio Bordonaro Design Director

After obtaining a bachelor degree cum laude in visual arts from the University of Palermo, Giulio moved to Milan, in a perspective of personal and professional development. He has more than 10 year experience in the design field, working for both institutional and private international clients. He has a wide experience in editorial and web-oriented design, as well as in branding, art direction, illustration and typography. He is responsible of projects' graphic design at iCube.

Ilaria Abbondanti Sitta Junior Graphic Designer

laria holds a Master Diploma in Graphic Design from IED Milano and a Bachelor Degree in Product Design from Politecnico di Milano. Over the past three years she has been working as graphic designer for Dolce&Gabbana and Sky Italia. She joined the iCube team in 2019 in the role of junior graphic designer.

Luca Meneghel Video Producer

Luca graduated in Design and Arts at the Free University of Bolzano. He works as photographer, video-maker and art director both in Italy and abroad and counts several publications on important magazines. He joined iCube in 2018 and is responsible for the video productions of iCube EU-funded projects in H2020.

Daniele Di Fini Web Developer

Daniele has a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology at the Università degli Studi of Milan. He has a ten experience in web and mobile development, gained through various digital agencies, working with different programming languages and with a wide range of tools and technologies. He joined iCube in 2017 and he is responsible for the development of websites in the framework of several H2020 projects.

Alberto Berti Software Engineer

Alberto has over twenty years of experience in software development and operative systems integration and administration. He is an active contributor and supporter of the free/libre and open source software

movement. He is responsible for the deployment and maintenance of most of the information technology services provided by iCube to its partners in H2020 projects.

Alessandro Franceschi Financial Controller

Alessandro has a Bachelor Degree in Economy of Markets and Financial Intermediates at the Bocconi University in Milan and a Master of Science in Economics of the Public Sector with an executive education in Strategic Philanthropy. He has a professional background in consultancy and more than six years in managing budgets and grants of scientific funded projects with a specific focus on non profit sector.

He joined Fondazione iCons and the iCube Programme in 2017 .

Federica Bresciani Administration

Federica graduated from University of Pavia with a first degree in Legal Services. and she is currently graduating in Italian Literature. She previously worked as Project and Legal Assistant for a major event agency in Milan and she is current Office Manager and Legal & Contract Assistant at Fondazione iCons and the iCube Programme.

Alessandra Calzarossa Human Resources & Talent Manager

Alessandra has a solid experience in the Human Resources and Talent Development and Management field; during her professional path she supported primary international organisations - Huawei and NATO, among others - to enhance their business success through modern and adequate HR processes focused on the valorisation of the individual talents. Alessandra contributes to Fondazione iCons and iCube Programme growth supporting the organization in the HR and Talent Manager area, as well as the general management of the organisation.

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